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“roOm” is the artist name that I create and show my work under. 
Christchurch born and I was Wellington-based for 19 years, but I have now relocated to Turanganui-a-kiwa, (Gisborne) for the last few years.  I am interested in the anonymity that photography brings. When you take a photo, people focus on the image and the camera.. not the artist behind it.   I like the idea of the artist being invisible and letting the camera do the work.   I love the personal vision that photography brings out, my eye sees things differently to yours and yours different to mine.  


I also like trying to capture solitude and isolation in my images, travelling to remote or over-looked locations to photograph at dusk, dark or low-light. As a photographer I cant improve nature or recreate nature but I can have fun in it bringing my touch of humanity the good and the bad to my scenes, using props to talk about the world around us


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